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My favourite picture of LOTR Behind the Scenes 


    My favourite picture of LOTR Behind the Scenes 

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no wonder i’m gay


    no wonder i’m gay

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    this is terrifying and beautiful at the same time

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    "What if" Morrigan made horrible jokes with terrible timing?

    1. Morrigan: Knock knock.
    2. Morrigan: Who is there I wonder?
    3. Morrigan: Would you like me to tell you?
    4. Morrigan: Could it be Duncan? Come back from the dead?
    5. Morrigan: Or perhaps the king who you failed to protect?
    6. Morrigan: Mayhaps it is your loved one who died just before this!
    7. Morrigan: *whistles*
    8. Morrigan: No.
    9. Morrigan: Twas just the wind!
    10. Morrigan: No one would ever come to see you.
    11. Morrigan: Haha hoo!
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love is love

Me and
So cute
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    Oops.  Awkward.

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    We will never be slaves.

    But we will be conquerors.

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    "They are my children, and they are the only children I will ever have."